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What makes a good employee training system?

13 Jun 2022 | Lesson Desk Team4 min read

Any business wanting to invest in its own success should start by investing in workplace training and development

With growing industries and continuous learning technological advancements, employees expect companies, training providers, corporate training providers, team leaders, training administrators and training managers to support their career path and deliver training. To do so, these key leaders should deliver employee training and development initiatives that will keep them engaged, ensure they are up-to-date with industry trends and remain a valuable asset to the company - all while meeting employees' training needs.

One of the key success factors in keeping your workforce upskilled and actively engaged is through effective online training. This is because online learning has the ability to be customisable, as well as more flexible and easier to consume than a traditional development program.

By providing your teams with training programs that are up-to-date, can be done at their own pace, and allow for a collaborative learning approach, you can create a productive workforce, nurture critical thinking skills, increase employee retention, skyrocket progress and cultivate a positive company culture.

But what is a good online course without a better learning management system (LMS)?

What is a learning management system (LMS)?

Learning management systems are online training software solutions that are used to create, manage, and track employee training, monitor learner progress and course completion rates, and elevate the employee development experience.

Employee training software has become an advantageous and popular tool in corporate training, compliance training, sales training, employee onboarding, soft skills training and e-learning programs in general. This is because a learning management system standardises and simplifies training and enables companies to manage employee development programs better.

Many learning solutions also offer customised course creation, so you can ensure that all your training requirements are met.

Since no learning platform is a one-size-fits-all solution, sifting through online learning management software to find the best employee training software can be challenging. This is why it is imperative that your chosen learning management system must be a good employee training software solution.

So, what are the key features of an online employee learning platform that makes it a good employee training software solution? Let's take a look at some of these training features below:

Easily accessible and user-friendly

When it comes to key features of good employee training software solutions, having one that offers an easy user experience is paramount. Nothing increases the possibility of employee disengagement more than an employee training software that is difficult to use.

Additionally, with busy schedules and an increase in reliance on mobile devices, today's workforce must be able to complete corporate training, compliance training, soft skills training or any other learning programs from multiple locations and at any time.

This is why having an online employee training software solution that can easily be accessed and supports mobile learning is key to modern training and development success.

Mobile or remote learning has allowed employees to access online training content with just a few clicks, quickly increasing employee development and allowing employees to complete training in their own time. This type of learning is readily available, and scheduled reminders can be set when employees are most receptive to increase overall engagement.

Tracking of employee progress

Reinforcement and support throughout training and development programs are company behaviours that maintain employee engagement. Another one of the many key features of a good employee training software solution is an effective and advanced progress tracking ability.

Utilising an employee training platform that marks answers digitally and provides results instantly streamlines the training process and lets employees know where they excel and where improvement is needed. This creates internal motivation and training support.

By adopting a training and development platform with this feature, entire teams will be actively engaged through all phases of employee training and development.

Custom course creation

Personalized learning paths for each individual is imperative to ensure the best learning experience. Personalized learning paths go hand in glove with personalized employee training programs. This is why having an online employee training software solution that offers custom course creation is another of the many key features of a good employee training software solution.

Custom course creation allows companies to develop online courses that align directly with their training needs. It can address key issues in the company, speak to performance and training management or focus on situation-specific moments within their role - such as how to increase customer satisfaction within the sales department.

If your employees prefer animation, live footage or interactive courses, having a training platform that offers custom content creation can do exactly that and can even offer customised branding on all employee training programs.

It is well known that video is an incredible training tool for a number of reasons. Because video makes use of a variety of different learning styles, such as auditory and visual, the human brain retains information at a much higher rate when many senses are being stimulated. This is why employees retain 95% of the information when they watch it in a video format compared to 10% when reading it in text format. By looking out for platforms that support the hosting and creating of video content, as well as interactive assessments to further the application of knowledge just learned, companies are sure to drive engagement.

Champions microlearning training programs

Because of microlearning's proven success within the training world, one of the most important key features of an effective employee training platform is that it supports microlearning training sessions.

A recent study has shown that companies that use microlearning training courses for employee learning and development see a 22% increase in retention of information compared to traditional learning.

For example, if compliance courses are too much all at once, employees get restless and bored. Too short, and they won't have enough time to properly engage with the information being presented to them. When using the right employee training platform that supports the microlearning format, there is a direct impact on training effectiveness.

End-to-end professional development support

The final key feature to keep an eye out for when searching for the best employee training platforms for your team is to look for one that supports the entirety of the employee’s training and career path.

From the hiring process to onboarding to formal training to exit interviews, you want an employee training program that focuses on an end-to-end training approach.

Lesson Desk is a suite of training applications designed to guide employees through a comprehensive journey, with each distinct phase addressing a key area of the recruitment and training process.


With so many courses, learning programs and platforms on the market, it is imperative to understand your company, your employees and your learning goals.

Whether it be for group training, individual training or instructor-led training purposes, being able to identify an employee training platform during your selection process that holds the above-mentioned features will ensure that you are bound to nurture great teams, create effective training materials and train employees in a streamlined, stress-free and highly engaging way.

Contact Lesson Desk to get started on the best employee training solutions and readily available online courses. Send us a mail at learn@lessondesk.com or visit our website for more information.