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Developing employees' true potential with an employee training system

22 Oct 2021 | Lesson Desk Team4 min read

Regardless of its industry, function or size, every business needs confident, motivated and capable employees whom they can trust to complete routine tasks and contribute to business goals. Who wouldn't want a trusted workforce committed to their managers and organization?

Employees are the determining force behind a company's success or failure, making it imperative for companies to ensure that their workforce is equipped with the desired skills, tools and knowledge to comply with their job responsibilities and meet the needs of their clients and stakeholders.

However, skills alone aren't enough to create an effective workforce — employees must be actively empowered. This starts with employee training.

What is employee training?

Employee training refers to the training provided to workers to upskill themselves. This enables your staff to gain the knowledge required to improve performance in their roles. Proper employee training and development enhances your workforce's skills and, if conducted properly, enables them to work more efficiently and improve their overall performance.

You must encourage more employees to reach new heights, which you can do when you invest in a proper learning program, training tools, and motivating your workforce to upskill themselves continuously, all while you track employee progress to ensure top talent for your organization.

The importance of training your employees

It is no secret that employees would want a learning path to upskill themselves at work. That is why it is essential to prioritise training—your staff must stay on top of the game, which means they must be skilled in all of the newest techniques relevant to their roles.

Employees often become demotivated or lose morale if they cannot meet their company's expectations which can lead to an increase in employee turnover and negatively affect employee performance and a companies culture. Therefore, training employees is essential as itenables your workforce to upskill themselves and become more productive and efficient, increasing employee retention. When an employee knows and understands what is expected of them and the proper course material is provided, they will have better learning experiences, be much more confident at work and show higher productivity levels. Learning and development opportunities have also been found to reduce staff's chance of errors on the job.

Providing company-wide training opportunities to train employees is essential for any company wishing to grow and succeed. Case studies have shown that in companies that provide skills training, corporate training, employee onboarding, compliance training or other professional training, the employees have confirmed a boost in morale and job satisfaction. And everyone knows that a happy and motivated employee is an asset for any team's growth and success.

Once you understand the importance of employee training and how it benefits your workforce, you will realise that you need to invest in a learning management system (lms) to create employee training programs. Interactive course creation and personalized learning paths can time-consuming, but in the long run, you invest in your company's success by investing in staff training.

What is an employee training system?

It can be quite daunting and time-consuming to provide your staff with effective training—but luckily, it doesn't have to be. Technology has enabled L&D Specialists to create employee training systems, allowing you to save time and upskill your staff seamlessly.

An online employee training software solution is used to create, manage, and track online training courses and standardise and elevate the employee learning experience. Employee training solutions have become very popular among managers and team leaders in recent times as it enables an organization to better manage employee development programs and streamline progress tracking. These solutions offer company wide training programs and courses that address employees' weaknesses and provide the necessary training to improve your workforce. Many of these solutions also offer course creation, so you can ensure that all your training requirements are met.

The different types of employee training systems

Combing through training options to find the best employee training system that meets your employees' needs can be challenging since the industry has developed extensively in recent years. Since no approach is a one-size-fits-all, various training programs are available to cover all possible training needs and subject matter, ranging from soft skills to sales training to other professional development programs. These online learning programs consist of material for staff to upskill themselves.

Because of that, your chosen training solution must be thoughtfully implemented since this will be the cornerstone of your company's success.

Most online learning management systems will offer you any one of the following key features:

Mobile learning

Employee skills training is easily accessible for those who wish to complete self-paced online courses on their mobile devices.

Virtual classrooms

These classrooms allow facilitators, training providers and employees to no longer be in the same location but rather attend virtual classes through a web browser with just a few clicks, making this the best tool for remote teams to still participate in collaborative learning.

On-demand staff training courses

Courses can easily be accessed through any web-connected device allowing employees total control to complete training at their own pace and convenience.

These key features are designed to provide your workforce with a positive training experience.

Why should you utilise employee training systems?

Successful employees have knowledge as their foundation. Therefore, it is imperative to start with a quality LMS platform to ensure an effective empowerment process. Having a digital learning platform allows for customised experiences and unrestricted access to valuable training materials and support resources.

In addition to providing information, the assessment of knowledge transfer is just as important. In fact, your staff must understand the operational standard required and be able to measure how they perform and where they need to improve.

Because it is web-based, online training is accessible to all through any internet-enabled device. This allows entire teams to do the same training, either on their own time or simultaneously, even though they might be located in different locations, which speaks to the flexibility of employee training platforms. Facilitating a flexible, engaging, and adaptive workplace training culture encourages employees to look for continuous upskilling opportunities.

These continuous training and development opportunities enable your workforce to turn new concepts into confident behaviours that align with the business's goals, ultimately leading to great teams and a productive workforce as a whole.

When determining which training system you should utilise, you should consider the following:

Many training platforms will benefit you in various ways, so you must choose the system most suitable for your workforce. By implementing the most appropriate training program for your staff, you create learning opportunities that allow your workforce to upskill themselves.

Empower your employees with Lesson Desk's comprehensive platform, your one-stop-shop when choosing the best employee training system as your learning platform. Our learning management system offers various innovative solutions allowing you to upskill your staff in-house or remotely, anywhere, anytime.

Lesson Desk provides human resources and training managers with the best training features to plan and schedule formal training and development plans. In addition, it enables staff to participate in interactive courses and sessions as part of their development journeys. Ultimately, this is a great tool that can be used to increase course completion rates for a number of users as it ultimately enhances the employee experience.

If you're interested in learning more about establishing a corporate learning culture or want to request a demo of our online employee training software, contact us at learn@lessondesk.com or visit our website, where you can find a variety of ready-made courses and learn about our platform. If you don't see the course you're looking for, contact our internal content creation team at create@magiclantern.co.za for customised content and course creation.