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The benefits of e-learning, training and development in the workplace

14 Mar 2022 | Lesson Desk Team3 min read

More and more companies support learning and are moving over to online learning platforms to train their employees. According to recent studies, a large number of Fortune 500 companies have turned to e-learning to upskill their workforce. E-learning is a terrific way for you to help your employees expand their professional skills and learn more about topics they may not have had access to before. Let’s have a look at how Lesson Desk can benefit your business as well as help you to increase your employees’ knowledge through virtual training.

What is e-learning, and what are its benefits?

Web-based learning, commonly referred to as e-learning or online learning, is an electronic method that uses audio-visual resources to provide teaching online. The electronic aspect and interactive elements of web-based learning have made it the preferred method of distance learning.

It’s easy to understand why web-based learning has become one of the most widely used educational tools in today’s workplace, as it includes a number of benefits. Facilitators can instruct learners and manage learning remotely, which eliminates the need to travel to training events or venues. E-learning also offers some unique advantages for employees and companies alike: employees are able to complete training at their own pace while being able to do so increases productivity and performance.

More e-learning courses are becoming available to increase the power of your workforce and set your business apart from the rest. In fact, according to research conducted by LinkedIn in 2018, 90% of companies now offer web-based training to their employees. The benefits are clear: whether you are training employees on-site or remotely, e-learning has proven to be a positive experience globally, as it facilitates both office-based and remote learning.

Why is e-learning important for your employees?

Access to training material is easy and convenient

The technology world has made it possible for people to have the option to learn anything from anywhere at any time. In addition, the internet now offers a number of educational resources, ranging from videos and audio programs to textbooks, ebooks, and even courses that are easily accessed on your computer or mobile device. The skills and knowledge gained from these courses will open a new world to your employees.

E-learning is cost-effective

E-learning is more cost-effective than its traditional counterparts—there is no need to book a training venue, travel to training locations or make catering arrangements.

E-learning improves employee performance

E-learning can lead to increased employee performance for many reasons. Firstly, because web based learning is so easily accessible, it fosters a learning culture. This learning culture contributes to a supportive and stimulating work environment where employees are encouraged to grow careerwise—and when employees feel supported, their performance and productivity improve.

Now, thanks to the wonderful world of technology, Lesson Desk can also design and create any e-learning content to meet your company’s needs. As a result, we offer your employees the ultimate e-learning experience and offer support every step of the way.

Lesson Desk wants you and your employees to have a positive training experience since learning and development is crucial for your business to grow and be number one in the industry.

The power of e-learning lies in being consistent with your training and encouraging your employees to grow careerwise. Its benefits far outweigh those of traditional learning methods, and with constant advances in this digital world, you cannot afford to forgo e-learning in your business.

How can e-learning benefit your business?

E-learning offers your employees—and by extension, your business—consistency in terms of training. Well-developed and properly structured training courses can significantly increase the skills of your employees. 

E-learning also reduces your business expenditure, saves time and offers flexibility. Learning can happen anywhere, anytime, which boosts employee morale and productivity. On a physiological level, learning increases neuroplasticity (in other words, the brain’s ability to learn and memorise new information). When there’s an increase in neuroplasticity, employees will learn better and develop new skills quicker—long after the learning session has ended.

What type of e-learning would be best for my business and employees?

When you’re thinking about e-learning, it can be challenging to know where to start, but it’s essential that the solution you choose caters to your business and employees' unique needs.

Let’s look at the different e-learning options:

Online learning

Among all forms of e-learning, this is the most common and most cost-effective. The only disadvantage of online platforms is that it requires an internet connection. Lesson Desk caters for learners who might not have reliable internet connectivity through our offline feature—employees can simply download lessons to mobile devices while at work and watch it offline on their own time.

On-site training

This form of learning takes place on-site at a predetermined location (for example, a training venue or the workplace). Some companies offer their own on-site training classes, while others prefer hiring external training providers. Lesson Desk’s Group training solution enables facilitators to train up to 20 learners at a time in any location without having to worry about the availability of an internet connection.

The option that is right for you will depend on the unique characteristics of your business and the training needs of your employees. For example, companies whose employees work remotely often prefer to use online training, whereas employees in manufacturing plants might benefit more from training on-site.

E-learning, education and knowledge is our game

At Lesson Desk, we understand the importance of providing you and your employees with a unique, positive and engaging online training experience along with other interactive elements in lessons and courses to make it more enjoyable. To learn more about how we can help you take your employee training to the next level with e-training, contact our learning and development specialists at learn@lessondesk.com or visit our website.