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Our mission

Our mission is to keep your customers happy by keeping your staff trained.

We believe that employees who feel confident perform better, and that the road to confidence lies in effective product training.

About us

At Lesson Desk we are passionate about training and helping our clients upskill their employees. The Lesson Desk platform was built with the retail industry and the unique challenges it presents in mind. Several of our longstanding clients are among the largest retailers in South Africa and more than a million retail employees have trained on the system since 2014.







Meet the Lesson Desk team

Our dynamic team of experts are ready to help you implement an effective product training plan in your business.

Jaco Engelbrecht
Learning and Development Specialist
Nicole Odendaal
Learning and Development Administrator
Debbie Coetzee
Learning and Development Administrator
Abigail Potgieter
Sales and Marketing Manager
Kellie Mannix
Learning Strategist
Daniel Espin
Junior Learning Strategist
Wilanie van Rooyen
Video Content Creator
Ursula Wessels
Brand Strategist
Nicki CilliƩ
Marketing Administrator
Jo-Lize Jubelius
Technial Writer
Jana Marais
Graphic Designer
Karin Butler
Operations Director
Awie Feju
Western Cape Technician
David Choruwa
Western Cape Technician
Calvin Ramsamy
Gauteng Technician
Claude Hiralall
Gauteng Technician
Talent Kagande
Gauteng Technician
Tineyi Kambasha
Gauteng Technician
Tawanda Binga
Eastern Cape Technician
Roshan Hiralall
KwaZulu Natal Technician

Content Team

Our digital media experts are on hand to help you create brand new content or help you migrate your existing content onto the Lesson Desk platform.

Development Team

Our team of front-end, back-end and integration developers are passionate about every pixel and megabyte of the Lesson Desk solution.

Support Team

Our expert team of IT engineers ensure that infrastructure diagnostics, data management and hardware support comes standard with the Lesson Desk solution.