Lesson Desk | Journey

Introducing the Lesson Desk Journey.

Lesson Desk enables you to guide employees through a comprehensive training journey, with each distinct phase addressing a key area of the recruitment and product training process.


Hire the right person the first time.

Lesson Desk’s screening features allow you to measure how suitable a candidate is for a role, based on the personality characteristics or cognitive abilities that the role requires.

Sometimes a CV
doesn’t paint the whole picture.

The screening process enables you to evaluate the cognitive traits and aptitude of a candidate that are difficult to extract from a résumé or interview alone.

Meet Craig.

Craig applies for a position at a new company. During the interview, Craig completes a screening course on Lesson Desk. His cognitive skills and aptitude align with those the recruiter is looking for. He is hired!

How does screening work?

Lesson Desk’s Head Office admin portal provides you with the tools required to create customised screening batteries, which consist of cognitive and aptitude tests. Job-seekers and candidates can register online and complete the screening process remotely.


Seamlessly integrate new employees.

The following step in the Lesson Desk Journey is introducing new starters to your products and projects, and placing new employees on induction programs that help them transition into your business seamlessly.

Bring new starters closer to your product.

Onboard new starters on your products through effective product knowledge induction. The better new starters understand your products and services, the sooner they are able to contribute to your business.

Smooth sailing through onboarding.

Craig has started his new job and is immediately enrolled in an onboarding course on Lesson Desk. After a week of onboarding, Craig understands every product in the company’s catalogue and he knows that he can start selling to customers with confidence.

How does onboarding work?

Lesson Desk’s Head Office admin portal provides you with the tools required to create onboarding lessons and courses. New starters are effectively inducted on your products and services, enabling them to hit the ground running from day one.

Formal training

Enrol employees in career paths.

Lesson Desk's formal training programs enable you to guide employees through specific lessons and courses, and assess knowledge learned through formative assessments, which are marked automatically.

Employees learn
faster in their native language.

Our unique media engine enables you to combine soundtracks and subtitles for different languages with the same video content. This allows you to transfer knowledge in the preferred language of each employee without the need to re-render content.

background shape

Passing assessments and getting certified.

To test his understanding of the products and sales procedures, Craig is enrolled in a formal training course. After a month of training, his manager informs him that he has passed with flying colors and is now certified as a sales administrator.

How does formal training work?

Lesson Desk’s Head Office admin portal provides you with the tools required to create effective formal training content. Create outcome-oriented lessons and courses, and test learners with formative and summative assessments.


The willingness to
listen creates a positive culture.

The next step in the Journey is collecting feedback through surveys and peer reviews, enabling you to gain insights about employees, their perception of the training experience and how you are perceived as an employer.

Motivate teams
through peer reviews.

Motivate teams to perform better, and identify problems early, through regular peer reviews based on predetermined KPIs. Peer reviews help managers discover hidden talent—the quiet performers who routinely produce exceptional work without recognition.

Identifying areas for growth.

In the last peer review, Craig’s peers have indicated he needs to work on his friendliness when speaking to customers. This is mentioned to Craig by his HR manager, and Craig is eager to correct his etiquette as soon as possible.

How do surveys work?

Lesson Desk’s Head Office admin portal provides you with the tools required to build surveys and peer reviews, which can be scheduled for individuals, groups or teams.

Exit interviews

Find out why
employees resign.

The final step in the Lesson Desk Journey is the exit interview. Exit interviews enable outgoing employees to provide feedback about their employment experience, which enables you to identify problem areas and improve employee retention.

Welcome feedback
and suggestions.

Exit interviews enable you to detect trends in the feedback received from outgoing employees, which may point to problem areas. Employees respond positively to an employer who is willing to listen and take suggestions on board.

Leaving on a positive note.

After 6 years at the company, Craig is ready for the next chapter in his career. During his exit interview he highlights that the lack of weekly team meetings left him feeling isolated a lot of the time. The team leader uses this critique to implement a weekly team meeting going forward, boosting team morale.