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What to look for in staff training courses

10 Jun 2022 | Lesson Desk Team2 min read

Selecting staff training courses in the workplace does not require a one-size-fits-all solution. Naturally, many employees are interested in learning new skills, but they might prefer different training and learning methods or types of training courses to fulfil their individual development needs. Some general staff training courses can include leadership training courses, skills development programs and knowledge workshops.

Although there is not a simple answer or formula to building or having a perfectly curated staff training course to accommodate all your employees' unique needs, there are a few golden nuggets to keep an eye out for that will provide your staff with the most rewarding and engaging learning experience in the workplace. 

Before you can invest in any upskilling initiatives for your business, it is paramount to investigate and recognise the key elements within training to ensure an optimal staff training solution for you and your team.

At Lesson Desk, we work closely with expert instructional designers and learning and development specialists to assist employees from a number of departments and industries to be fully engaged and immersed throughout their learning journey as they learn new skills in the organisation. So much so, that we have identified the must-haves in training courses to guarantee high employee engagement, optimal customer service and increased work performance – all while meeting your learning outcomes, and the training needs.

To ensure your business environment and staff gain the best training outcomes, here are three characteristics for you to identify when searching for the perfect employee training courses:

Aligns to your business goals

One of the most important aspects of any form of training programme is that it aligns well with your core business objectives.

Whether it be to generate a more positive company culture, increase synergy with better ways of working or talk to financial KPIs that need to be met, many training partners in the world of content creation can develop custom or personalised training courses that can be built to reinstill these themes and can even address any persistent workplace issues.

By having training content that coordinates well with business goals, many staff members will be more likely to understand and retain the information being learned as it is relatable within their place of work.

Contains modern and relevant audio-visual content

The modern learner is easily distracted and does not prioritize training initiatives when it comes to time management. This is why, for training content to be engaging and for it to enhance the learning journey, it is imperative that it caters to all content needs by only containing information that is relevant or "fluff-free", and by keeping things creative, exciting and fresh.

Whether training is making use of graphics, voice-over, virtual reality, simulations, animations or even company-branded content, choosing courses that have a multimedia and simplistic approach to training is the key to success.

By using training content that has a wide range of visually and audibly appealing media, you will not only cater to a wide range of learning needs, but you can accommodate hearing-impaired employees or those who speak different languages. Visually-impaired learners will benefit from the narration and the music while different language-speaking employees will be able to easily absorb information through the graphics, images and subtitles.

Incorporates interactivity and training assessments

By utilising training courses that include some form of interactivity, knowledge retention and comprehension are immediately enhanced. Due to interactivity’s gamified nature, staff training will be fun and engaging, assisting in employee skills development.

Integrating interactive assessments is an easy and fun way to measure the success of the training course while recapping and summarising the information being taught. With the integration of interactive assessments, staff members can put their knowledge and skills to the test, helping them to easily store the information in their long-term memory.


It is clear that the goal should be for you to have your employees train with content that consists of adequate but powerful information to meet the learning outcomes, speak to the audience's needs, and is visually appealing. By doing so, the information presented to your staff will be retained for longer periods of time, leading to a plethora of benefits for your staff and the organisation.

To find out more information on what we offer and how Lesson Desk can help you meet your organisation's specific goals, contact our team of learning and development specialists at learn@lessondesk.com or visit our website today.