Lesson Desk | Solutions

We offer training solutions for every phase.

We are not just another e-learning platform. We are your end-to-end employee training partner, ready to guide you through every phase of implementing a product training plan in your business.

Phase 1

Planning and content creation

As a training partner Lesson Desk is ready to help you identify learning and development objectives, set up a training plan, help you create exciting content and import your employee data onto our platform.

Develop a training plan

Our learning and development specialists are ready to assist you in defining your training objectives and outcomes, so that a bespoke training plan can be created to address knowledge deficits, compliance and competency training in your business effectively.

Import employee data

After creating a training plan and content, the next step is importing the details of your employees into the system so that they can be enrolled and training can begin. We also assist you in this process.

Create exciting content

Use your own content

Provide your own content, and our trusted team of digital media experts will assist in transforming it into Lesson Desk-ready content.

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Let us create your content

Our digital media team is on hand to help you create new content based on your own brand, style and budget.

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Buy pre-built content

You can get access to a variety of lessons and courses on the Lesson Desk Marketplace.

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Phase 2

Implementation and rollout

Implementing your training plan and putting your content into action is simple and easy. Our training specialists are ready to help you get familiar with the platform and will guide you through the process of distributing your content to your employees so that training can begin.

Group training and on-site training

The Lesson Desk platform was built with the retail industry and the unique challenges it presents in mind. Site-level training is often hampered by issues such as poor internet connectivity, shortage of smart devices, having to take turns using available computers to train on, and an inability to mark answers and see results in a timely manner. Lesson Desk’s innovative on-site group training solutions eliminate these issues.

Create classes

Train up to 20 employees at the same time. Our self-contained hardware enables you to convert any room into a Lesson Desk classroom, allowing you to train groups without requiring learners to have a PC, tablet or phone.

Digital answers

When a class of employees is assessed, each employee submits his or her answers in real time using our proprietary Marker remote. This eliminates the requirement for employees to submit answers on paper.

Instant results

Since all answers are captured digitally, results are available within seconds, saving time and enabling the facilitator to give feedback to employees immediately. No more manual marking.

Offline content

Content can be cached offline so that training can take place even if internet connectivity at the store is poor or unavailable. This enables training to take place without interruption.

The Marker links identity of learners to answers

Each learner is verified and can take part in group training sessions by providing answers with their own assigned Marker remote.

Groups of learners can answer at the same time

Everyone in the class can answer at the same time, using their assigned Marker remote. This saves time and keeps training times short.

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Manage your training program in the cloud

View and manage every aspect of your training program from our Head Office web portal. Upload and distribute content, enrol learners, track results and generate reports, all from one simple-to-use learning management system.

  • Import employees onto Lesson Desk
  • Upload and distribute content
  • Enrol employees in career paths
  • Track progress on dashboards
  • View results and export data
  • Generate reports

Phase 3

Review and return on investment

Track training progress

Our online reporting console enables real-time and scheduled statistics and reports, so that you can track your staff’s training progress and results and identify employees who need assistance.

Manage portfolio of evidence

Employees who completed outcome-based content can be assessed via theoretical or practical assessments, and the portfolio of evidence reviewed on the Head Office admin portal.

Integrate into BI applications

To further enhance decision support, Lesson Desk's API enables easy integration with any existing ERP systems or reporting tools a retailer may already use in their business.