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Staff training online

9 Jun 2022 | Lesson Desk Team2 min read

Today, companies worldwide are using online employee training as a fundamental tool for their up-skilling initiatives. As with most employee development training programs, understanding how the training method can impact and benefit your business will help to optimise learning material to be engaging, ensure successful experiences and outcomes, and efficiently meet each employee's unique training and development needs.

Whether you are looking to create industry experts with compliance training, soft skills training, project management training, risk management training, sexual harassment training, or safety and health training courses – or to simply onboard new employees, online training courses can positively impact businesses and have many benefits that are advantageous to employees, employers, managers and partners alike. Let's take a look at the benefits of staff training online.

Convenient accessibility

With today’s digital training platforms, access to online courses, lessons and assessments has never been easier. Employees can conveniently train from anywhere with their laptops, phones or tablets. Training can also take place in a team setting at their place of work. A trainer or instructor can also provide feedback through automated reports. This way, employees can get insights into how well their training programs are going in real-time.

Additionally, some online employee training platforms that are at the forefront of technology, such as Lesson Desk, allow for access to online courses, lessons and feedback without the need for an internet connection.

With an online training program on your side that allows for the convenient ability to deliver, manage and obtain training, businesses or instructors can seamlessly meet the training needs and fit online training courses into the busy working schedules of all employees.

Caters to all training needs

Every employee will want to take a different learning journey and will have a different desired outcome to the next. Some employees obtain knowledge better with visual tools, while others might be better engaged with audio training content. Similarly, some employees thrive in the classroom, while others are individual learners who prefer to train at their own pace. 

No matter the ask, due to the flexibility of online employee training and its range of features and tools, training courses and lessons can be created and personalised in many ways. Whether training development programs are in micro-learning, animated or presentation format, using a platform to deliver training in the best-suited learning environment and format is key to ensuring that staff training is optimised and suited to the unique needs of each employee.

Cost and time-efficient

Another set of benefits that staff training online offers is that is can save time and money. Online training is far more affordable compared to physical or traditional training methods. Not only is the use of online training material inexpensive, but because employees can train in the comfort of their own homes, saving money on travelling costs is possible.

Employers can also save money on trainer salaries, venue hire, and material printouts, and save time on the marking of assessments. Additionally, all the courses or employee training materials are available on an online platform, thus creating a paperless learning environment that is more affordable and beneficial to the environment.

Because corporate training and development can occur wherever and whenever, employees no longer have to take up long business hours to attend training presentations such as compliance, risk management or project management training. Instead, employees can partake in online employee development whenever they feel fit. Online staff training, especially micro-learning staff training, allows for knowledge comprehension and development to take place on the job, which inevitably saves time and ensures that your teams and employees' confidence and performance while partaking in day-to-day business, are in tip-top shape.

Ensure that your business is investing in a staff training and management platform that will provide you with the tools to create and deliver engaging online staff training courses to ensure a boost to your employees' skill set and confidence.

If you are looking to offer online training courses to your employees, but you do not have content, or if you wish to expand your training library, you can access ready-made microlearning lessons and courses on the Lesson Desk Marketplace.

For all things training and employee management, or to request a free demo, contact our learning and development specialists at learn@lessondesk.com today. Alternatively, you can learn more about all that Lesson Desk's digital learning solutions can offer by visiting our website.