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Class Manager: Lesson Desk’s latest training solution

15 Mar 2021 | Lesson Desk Team1 min read

With employees’ busy schedules and most staff still working from home, managing online training sessions can be a significantly demanding challenge for many organisations. Additionally, ill-prepared training sessions as well as poor distribution and delivery of learning material and assessments, has shown to severely impact the company’s learning culture, causing employees to be less engaged and motivated for future training initiatives.

At Lesson Desk, our goal is to eliminate these issues and make you and your employees’ training experience as valuable, enjoyable and effortless as possible. This is exactly what our latest platform, Lesson Desk Class Manager, promises to do.

The Lesson Desk Class Manager platform facilitates engaging virtual classrooms and allows you to easily manage all aspects of your classes, from setting up agendas and schedules to incorporating linked content all at the click of a button.

The Class Manager is an administrative web portal that can be accessed from any internet-enabled desktop computer or laptop, and is integrated with our current Head Office and Individual training platforms to provide a more comprehensive training solution. Our latest platform encourages group support amongst peers and their facilitators with built-in discussion streams that can also be used to share additional learning resources to further enhance their learning experience.

Here are key features of the Lesson Desk Class Manager platform that will ensure your digital training experience is streamlined:

Create and join engaging virtual training sessions

Now you can schedule and attend live, remote training sessions in conjunction with our Individual training app, creating an all-in-one training solution.

Create and manage virtual classes

With our easy-to-use managing software, you can create and administer online classes from the comfort of your own home or office.

Effortlessly manage virtual training agendas

The digital Agenda allows you to create and schedule online training sessions and breaks for learners on the fly, making managing virtual training a breeze.

Build, view and manage subjects for classes

Facilitating virtual training sessions has never been more convenient. The Class Manager platform enables you to create, view and oversee subjects in central one place.

Assign training content to complete during classes

Our software allows for easy allocation of assessments, web resources and learning content during training sessions to ensure learner engagement, optimal knowledge comprehension and retention.

Keep the conversation going with online discussions

Our discussion stream supports team collaboration as it allows learners and facilitators to share messages amongst each other, creating the perfect platform to share additional resources with the class.

To learn more about our dynamic Class Manager platform or to schedule a free demo with our learning and development specialists, get in touch with us at learn@lessondesk.com.