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Boosting employee performance with just-in-time learning

5 Feb 2021 | Lesson Desk Team2 min read

With the acceleration of businesses, the growing need for instant gratification, and the move towards a remote working model, there seems to be no time left for training or even to attend instructor-led classes. However, training is still required. So then, the next question is: Is it time to call everyone in over the weekends? Absolutely not! Employees can still complete training throughout their daily workflow in a way that is self-directed, relevant to their current job demands, and is sure to enhance their performance. This can be done through the innovative concept of just-in-time (JIT) learning.

JIT learning is having access to on-demand information when you need it. These types of informative materials can be anything from company processes, assistance tools, training modules, or product and/or service information. In most cases, the variety of information is sufficiently compartmentalised and easily consumable to help employees keep their eyes on the prize while giving them instant access to the exact insights they need, and at the time that they need it.

In fact, the concept of JIT learning stems from the manufacturing industry, where it refers to only using effort when it is absolutely needed. This means gaining new knowledge or skills only when necessary, rather than in case you’ll need them – in an aim to improve precision, speed up the learning process and optimise employee knowledge retention.

Additionally, JIT learning is one of the many forms of learning that, from the onboarding process, fosters a culture of continuous learning, delivers all-time quality control and presents learners with the immediate results of the relationship between job performance and training. By having companies invest in this approach to training, their return is bettered due to the immediate application of what was just learned.

This flexible approach to learning not only transforms ongoing employee training needs into an extension of their daily workflow but also results in higher quality skill development at a lower cost and over a shorter period of time. But JIT learning does not exist all by itself. It involves the active collaboration of technologies and learner management systems that support on-demand learning, such as modern digital learning platforms or tools.

As we know, our phones, tablets and laptops play an integral part of our day-to-day work operations. Whether its checking emails or making calls, we are always virtually connected to the office. With JIT learning, employees can brush up on information that will set them up for success in any situation using digital resources. Let’s see how:

A new addition to the sales team, Kate, is prepping to meet an esteemed client. Although Kate has put together a thorough outline of all to be discussed, the client suddenly wants to be reminded of a particular feature of the newest product. However, Kate is in need of a quick refresher on the high points. Instead of waiting on one of her team members to save the day, with JIT learning, Kate can use a digital solution on her phone or laptop to swiftly navigate through the available information on product training modules to get a refresher on exactly what the client is asking for.

Because we live in the age of information being available at our very fingertips, JIT learning allows for all employees, across different departments, to be on the same page, deliver the same standards and have access to the correct information that is consistent across the board. So now that you know all about JIT learning, how can you implement it into your workplace learning and development, and what exactly do you need to get started?

Implementing JIT learning is just a matter of strategic planning, organising material into bite-sized chunks and making it readily accessible on an easy-to-use platform that suits the organisation best. Either way, we can help you create exciting online learning material or assist in transforming your very own material into JIT learning content on our platform. To get started, contact us at learn@lessondesk.com or visit our website for more information.