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FMCG: How online learning can combat common industry challenges

17 Feb 2021 | Lesson Desk Team3 min read

The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector has shown time and time again to be one of the world's most dynamic and competitive industries due to its rapid innovations, continuous high sales volume and new-product launch environment. If the term "time is money" could be embodied in an industry form, it would definitely be the FMCG sector. From efficiency to supply and demand, this sector has heavily relied on and continues to leverage technology as a means to streamline complex challenges and advance almost every process within the sector. But much like anything in life, this industry too has its flaws and poses unique challenges that need overcoming. However, learning and development professionals have come to realise that if done effectively, technology too, can play a major role in tackling these common industry challenges. So what sort of technology can do this? Online training, of course!

Training a workforce in a fast-paced industry such as the FMCG sector is never easy. This is due to its complex nature, multinational company structures and lack of time to upskill their workforce. However, about 80% of suppliers and retailers within this fast-moving industry are wanting to place a greater focus on upskilling their workforce in the years to come. Regular training is crucial in order to increase employees' understanding of the business as a whole, ensure they are aware of and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements, advance job-related technical skills, and expand their knowledge of customer needs and concerns.

By using an impactful digitised solution to keep your workforce up to date and skilled on operating procedures, health and safety regulations, compliance matters and more, you can activate a vast number of advantages and maintain a smarter, more flexible workforce. By doing so, companies can remain competitive while meeting business goals as well as bettering low-skilled workers knowledge retention while exposing them to opportunities for growth. Let's take a look at how online training can address key challenges within FMCG companies:

Time constraints

As we know, because of its fast-moving workplace environment, this sector has very little time left – if any time at all – to conduct training. Without proper training, you could elicit an unsafe working environment, increase turnover, decrease workforce productivity and face hefty fines. Just-in-time learning, microlearning and mobile learning are great and innovative training approaches to make sure that your employees are getting upskilled in a way that can be done during or after core work hours.


While the industry consists of mostly production line workers, its customer-facing staff also have training needs that have to be seen to. Readily accessible information related to product knowledge and other client-facing skills and abilities is needed to ensure that these employees are confident within their working roles, empowering them to reach their revenue goals. Unlike traditional face-to-face training, online learning content can be quickly generated, covering a broad range of topics and can be accessed on any online platform that can be supported by cell phones, laptops, tablets and any other internet-enabled device – allowing employees from different departments and across different geographical locations, to learn anytime and anywhere.

Adapting to industry changes

In the FMCG market, change is one of the only constants. With new products launching on a continuous basis, training content needs to be updated frequently and swiftly. With the right platform, online learning content can be easily updated and modified to keep up with the pace of business developments. By implementing a solution that is relevant to your employees' current working environments and scenarios, you can additionally create a greater identification with the learning material and therefore help in better understanding the information presented to them. By doing so, you can stay on trend with market changes while adding value to your workforce's skillset.

Lack of resources

With low a budget, shortage of internet-enabled devices, and a lack of training facilitators, learning and development professionals have no choice but to do more with less. Fortunately, innovative online training platforms have developed unique training solutions to address these key common problems. Lesson Desk can easily eliminate issues such as poor internet connectivity, shortage of smart devices, staff having to take turns using available computers to complete training, and having a shortage of training instructors with our cost-effective on-site group training solutions.

Multinational and multilingual employees

With many of these companies operating across international boundaries, it is paramount that training content needs to be tailored, translated and made relatable for each and every individual in diverse employee groups. Many modern and effective online learning platforms include a built-in translation feature that is guaranteed to save you time and effort while making your employees feel comfortable through training in their language of choice. This way, you can also give your training content the authenticity and relevance required for employees to truly resonate with and immerse themselves in, which in turn will increase their knowledge retention.

For assistance on improving training with an aim to solve common industry problems and gain a competitive edge, contact learn@lessondesk.com or visit https://www.lessondesk.com/solutions for more on our innovative training solutions.