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Transforming skills development with Lesson Desk’s Group Training solution

6 Oct 2020 | Lesson Desk Team2 min read

Whether a company is introducing new skills, working methods, products, or services, choosing the right employee training method is crucial to ensure proper knowledge comprehension and retention. Although there are a variety of different approaches to employee training, it is imperative that businesses adopt a training method that suits both the business and employees’ needs and requirements.

Group training is one of the most commonly-used employee training approaches to date. This is due to its ability to conveniently train a large number of people at the same time, saving companies valuable time and money.

Lesson Desk offers a totally unique on-site group training solution that is designed to overcome the many challenges faced with site-level training and to provide a more efficient training solution. Lesson Desk’s Hercules device cuts down on training time by providing engaging microlearning lessons, facilitates just-in-time- or on-demand learning, and overcomes common issues such as poor internet connectivity or a shortage of smart training devices.

This blend of technology with face-to-face training solution enables facilitators to convert any room into a smart classroom and present on-site training to groups of employees, when and where they need it. During the group training session, learners are assessed individually by submitting their answers digitally using the proprietary Marker remote.

Lesson Desk’s Group Training solution still offers all of the traditional group training abilities; however, it elevates the overall training experience for learners and facilitators alike through its one-of-a-kind digital approach. It also connects to Lesson Desk’s learner management portal where users can manage learners, schedule lessons, generate reports and more.

This platform, however, is not limited to just training alone. The Group Training solution can also be used for other aspects of the employee’s journey such as screening, onboarding, surveys and exit interviews, making it a comprehensive HR solution.

Here's how implementing the Lesson Desk Group Training platform can transform your business’ skills development:

Train up to 20 employees at a time

The Group Training platform allows businesses to train up to 20 learners at the same time. This not only saves time but also allows employees to participate in a standardised learning experience. By using this on-site training method, employees are no longer are required to have mobiles, tablets or PC devices for training.

Answers are submitted digitally, allowing for instant results

During a lesson, each learner submits their assessment answers in real-time using the Lesson Desk Marker remote. Answer submissions are marked digitally, allowing results to be made available immediately and further enabling facilitators to give employees feedback in a timely manner. This saves time, eliminates the requirement of the time-consuming task of manual marking, and gives learners an early indication of where improvement is needed.

Learners can have access to content without an internet connection

Internet connectivity can be limited, and not all businesses have access to it due to its costly price. That is why Lesson Desk has enabled content to be cached offline. This allows facilitators to pre-download lessons and assessments to be accessed at a later stage, even if the internet connectivity is poor or unavailable.

Save time with shorter training cycles

Lesson Desk’s on-site group training solution encourages on-demand training. By training groups of learners using a just-in-time approach to learning, time spent on training gets cut down allowing employees and trainers to save time, worker productivity can be enhanced, the learning process is sped up, learners can manage their time effectively, and employees are able to continue work without any disruptions.

Businesses can save money and improve ROI

By providing on-site training, businesses are able to reduce the costs paired with traditional learning. These include consulting and facilitators costs, printing fees for manuals and booklets, travel- and accommodation costs and more.

Promote a learning culture

Lesson Desk’s Group training approach promotes a healthy learning culture due to its classroom-like nature. By having employees train together, they can learn from others’ ideas and questions, which they might have been too scared to ask, and can communicate among each other, during or after the training session.

Greater learning retention

The individually-assigned Marker remote provides a game-like experience, improving engagement among the group, making training fun and boosting learner engagement. Studies have also shown that social factors such as learning together in a familiar environment and completing work together can positively influence the learning abilities of employees when it comes to retention and knowledge comprehension.

Make the informed decision today and contact Lesson Desk to start your training journey. Send us an email at learn@lessondesk.com or visit our website for more information about our Group Training platform or to learn more about our other training solutions.