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The Lesson Desk Journey

26 Aug 2020 | Lesson Desk Team2 min read

The employee journey is a term that defines the time in which an employee spends at a company. It begins when an employee applies for a certain role and ends once the employee leaves the organisation. Now more than ever, it is imperative for companies to follow through with an employee journey that fits their company values and culture best. By training, mentoring and setting out personal-growth targets for employees, companies can allow for their staff members to grow into their respective career paths, while fostering a relationship with them.

The employee journey is receiving a great amount of attention from HR and training professionals, particularly if the journey can be mapped out and administrated online. This is due to its ability in reducing errors, decreasing the amount of manual workload, improving the overall employee experience, and that it can be beneficial for both the employee and the employer. So why not look for a platform that does it all?

Lesson Desk is a powerful tool that enables HR and training professionals to manage each phase of the employee’s journey within the company. There are plenty of platforms on the market that address specific sections of employment, such as screening platforms, survey apps, eLearning platforms and more. However, juggling many different platforms could be intimidating and time-consuming, which could result in a major roadblock within the fast-paced world we live in.

Lesson Desk offers all of these and more, on one comprehensive platform. From screening to exit interviews, HR- and training professionals can save valuable time by managing all of the learners, content and reporting in one central place.

The first aspect of the Lesson Desk Journey is screening. This feature is used to create customised screening batteries to match the possible candidate’s skills with the company’s requirements. Job-seekers can complete the screening process online, which allows employers to evaluate the candidate’s cognitive abilities and aptitude remotely.

Once the suitable candidate is placed, onboarding can begin. Whether it’s one employee or a large group of new starters, Lesson Desk makes the onboarding process effortless but extremely efficient. The onboarding feature enables employers to build personalised induction courses and lessons to introduce new starters to the company, its culture, and everything else the employee needs to get started. By doing so, employers can also gain valuable feedback and insights from new starters to address possible knowledge gaps as soon as possible.

Once onboarded and settled into their new role, it is time to look at skills- and product knowledge development. This phase focuses on bridging the possible information gaps through formal online training programmes using interactive video-based content and assessments. Formal training can be completed using a personal device, or it can take place in groups of up to twenty with Lesson Desk’s on-site group training solution. By road-mapping an employee’s career path with formal training lessons and courses, employers can assist employees with their personal development plan while improving overall knowledge retention and comprehension.

Gaining employee feedback is an imperative aspect of the employee’s journey. Lesson Desk’s built-in surveys make it easy for employers to schedule individual online feedback sessions for employees. This will allow businesses to learn more about specific expectations, experiences or concerns employees might have to gain deeper insights into their employees, their perception of the training experience and how they perceive their employers.

When employees do leave the company, initial exit interviews might be daunting to some. The online exit interviews, in addition to regular surveys, can assist employers or HR professionals in welcoming honest feedback and suggestions from outgoing employees. This can help identify problem areas and improve employee retention. But this does not mean that businesses have to keep it all online. Follow-up face-to-face sessions can also be scheduled to further address specific aspects included in the exit-interview survey.

Making use of an end-to-end training platform presents major benefits to both the company and its employees alike. These include reduced costs by consolidating all of the journey aspects in one place, having a single source for employee information, saving time by working off one platform, providing a consistent user experience for employees and more. In order to effectively plan, measure and execute a successful employee journey, it is important to integrate a platform that is able to cater for all phases across the board. With the Lesson Desk Journey, you will have all the tools to do this and more. To get started, visit www.lessondesk.com/solutions or contact us at learn@lessondesk.com.