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Pre-employment testing: Helping you invest in the right person from the start

20 Jan 2023 | Lesson Desk Team1 min read

Lesson Desk has released a brand-new digital screening feature to streamline your recruitment process. We know that screening is a crucial part of the hiring process, but not everyone knows how powerful it can be when conducted correctly. Screening is often mistaken for filtering through résumés and evaluating job applications. Recruiters often overlook the testing part of screening and how vital it is in determining whether a candidate meets the qualifications, knowledge, and experience needed to be successful in the position. Testing can include conducting various logic, aptitude, and skill-specific tests to see if candidates are competent to perform the tasks required.

Although candidate testing is a necessary first step in the recruitment process, many companies still prefer to "save time" by manually scanning through CVs and moving straight to interviews, unaware that this could prolong the process. In reality, you can't determine a candidate’s suitability without proper skill tests. Our digital screening solution allows you to test and filter through candidates seamlessly in a fraction of the time.

How does Screening work?

Screening forms part of Lesson Desk's comprehensive Journey, which also includes Onboarding, Formal training, Surveys, Peer reviews, and Exit interviews. Each phase is carefully designed to help employers conduct an effective and seamless recruitment and training process. Our Screening feature can be accessed on the Lesson Desk Head Office portal, where recruiters can create screening tests and upload vacancies to evaluate potential candidates.

Apart from sifting through hundreds of CVs, this feature provides you with the tools to create a screening process with customisable tests to assess skills, aptitude, and cognitive traits to determine a candidate's suitability. Here, you really put your candidates to the test to see if they’re capable of performing all they proclaim. This eliminates tedious manual reviews and helps you identify the right candidates before starting the interview process.

The process is equally seamless for job seekers, who simply need to create a profile online to complete all assessments and upload all required documentation.

Benefits of digital screening:

Saves time

The digital screening process saves countless hours of manual work and improves the accuracy of results.

Instant feedback

By conducting screening tests online, you can receive automated feedback in real-time.

Improved hiring quality

Asking the right questions allows you to identify candidates who are qualified and compliant for the job, removing the risk of negligent hiring.

Reduced employee turnover

Asking various questions about skills and company culture will allow you to identify employees who will thrive in their role and at your company.

See our Screening feature in action and secure your 1-month free trial by booking a free demo with one of our Learning and Development Specialists. Contact us at learn@lessondesk.com or click here to complete our online contact form.