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Group Global: Group training on the go.

8 Dec 2022 | Lesson Desk Team1 min read

We understand that traditional group training can be challenging, especially if employees are situated across multiple locations. Therefore, we are excited to introduce Group Global, our newest innovative training solution integrated into our learning management system.

Group Global provides you with all the benefits of Lesson Desk’s traditional Group training solution; simultaneously training learners, automatically evaluating assessments, and removing the need for tedious paperwork.

Group Global is designed for companies with both remote and in-house teams, enabling you to train multiple learners live from anywhere. This gives you and your learners more flexibility when it comes to upskilling and educating them on how to perform effectively and up to standard. Examples can include educating global sales and retail teams on new products, or training teams on new software packages. The possibilities are endless.

How does Group Global work?

Group Global allows you to simultaneously train groups of learners without the need to be in the same location. This solution does not require any additional hardware; learners only need a computer and smartphone to digitally participate in group training sessions.

Learners can participate from anywhere in the world while still interacting with facilitators through virtual sessions in real time. Assessments will intermittently appear on-screen, which learners will answer by using their smartphones. Ultimately, this is the ideal group training solution for learners who are often out of the office.

The benefits of Group Global:

Compatible with Class Manager and other screen-sharing applications

The flexibility of training delivery methods enables you to accommodate learners anywhere in the world, thereby shortening training cycles.


With remote training, your employees can train regardless of where they are located, saving you money on travel and training venue expenses.

No additional hardware or equipment is needed

Simply schedule your training via your computer and you’re good to go!

Transform smartphones into Markers

Students can scan QR codes to link their phones to their profiles and answer questions as they appear during the lesson.

Instant results

Identify knowledge gaps quickly and efficiently with instant access to learner assessment results.

Insightful statistics

Extract meaningful reports on learners, training and participation statistics.

To learn more about Group Global or to schedule a free demo, contact our learning and development specialists at learn@lessondesk.com.