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Boosting sales in your organisation with e-learning

29 Apr 2022 | Lesson Desk Team2 min read

Recent studies have shown that 46 percent of salespeople did not initially intend to go into sales as a profession. This indicates that almost half of companies' sales teams might not have the proper skill set and educational background to knock their sales targets out of the park just yet. Ensuring that your sales team is performing optimally and receiving the most effective product training programmes to date means that all business sectors need to dig deep and investigate whether the delivery of current training is truly successful.

Are employees meeting their sales goals or not? Does your workforce seem engaged and interested in their training sessions, or are they reluctant and tired of the way they are learning the information presented to them? If the latter is the case, then it might be time to utilise an end-to-end online training platform to the best of your advantage.

Sales professionals worldwide are participating in digital sales training, which is extremely convenient and exponentially increases their knowledge of the organisation's various offerings. This, in turn, improves their ability to sell and reach the sales targets set out for them.

Powerful product training is paramount as staff members need to know the company's products inside and out to effectively sell to customers. By pairing effective product training with a digital learning management system, employees and organisations are bound to reap the numerous benefits of e-learning.

This training approach's value goes beyond just selling services or products to customers - it also provides employees with the right tools to exceed and advance their careers to a place of success and a result in greater Return on Investment (ROI) for the business.

Other than the convenience of having employees train wherever and whenever with digital training solutions, here are five ways in which e-learning can boost sales in your organisation:

Engagement, engagement, engagement

With effective digital learning solutions come high engagement levels. By taking complete advantage of all that e-learning training content has to offer, your team will be fully motivated to learn and perform well. In turn, sales will skyrocket in no time. Microlearning infused with a multimedia approach has shown to be more effective than any other training method. Therefore, businesses must utilise these various digital strategies to ensure training success. Including learnings relevant to your employees and the products and services they are selling to customers is also key.

Easily accessible data

All forms of training should focus on a specific goal at hand to evaluate the effectiveness of your training programme and ensure that each model is structured to allow your workforce to reach their goal.

Within sales, the aim should always be to empower sales teams to perform better and increase sales. Today, many e-learning platforms allow for seamless measuring, maintaining, and accessing this data which in turn help Training Professionals to identify knowledge gaps and address them by keeping training content fresh and relevant.

Simulations using gamification techniques

Simulations imitate a realistic situation to provide experience in a safe, controlled and risk-free working environment. You can support your sales team by equipping them with interactive digital training content that uses gamification elements such as online quizzes, tests, and assessments to easily prepare them for real-life scenarios they will encounter during cold calls, client meetings and product demonstrations.

This will seamlessly develop sales teams' decision-making and critical-thinking skills, which will give them the upper hand when dealing with difficult or unexpected customer situations.

Boosted morale from interactive group training

Often within sales departments, employees see their colleagues more as competition than team members. By allowing your salespeople to train together in a fun and interactive digital way, team cohesiveness and collaboration will be promoted and increase engagement and enthusiasm to learn. Interactive group training will also effectively foster a sense of community and build a healthy learning environment and employee culture within your organisation. This way, employees will share their professional experiences and learnings, which will inevitably inspire and benefit all - leading to each employee's individual success.

The right LMS

The most important way to ensure that e-learning increases sales are to implement the most impactful Learning Management System (LMS) for your organisation. From effective product training programmes to customisable training content, Lesson Desk's end-to-end training solutions can equip your sales teams with the tools to develop the proper skill set to deliver the best sales results.

By spending the time and effort to invest in a training solution that will ensure top-level performance of your salespeople, Lesson Desk can easily help your business and teams accomplish their sales goals in no time. Contact learn@lessondesk.com to get your hands on our digital product training solutions today, or visit our website for more information.