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Onboarding: a crucial part of the employee journey

21 Jul 2021 | Lesson Desk Team2 min read

We’ve all heard the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. So, what first impression do you want your new employees to have of your company?

Onboarding new employees are pivotal for companies as it is the prime opportunity for a company to win the hearts and minds of these new employees. Not only does it let them feel welcome and valued, but it also prepares and integrate them into their new role.

A recent survey indicated that 36% of companies lack a structured onboarding programme and have reported that it has brought on negative impacts such as lower productivity, high employee turnover, and a lack of trust within the business, among others.

Employee integration is vital—onboarding allows a new employee to interact with not only other employees and management, but also introduces them to the company culture. Along with integrating new starters, it also encourages employee engagement and commitment. Onboarding has the potential to make or break your employee’s experience, which is why it’s imperative that companies must create a structured, seamless and memorable experience.

An unsatisfactory onboarding experience can easily dishearten new starters. Not only can it lead to new employees feeling unwelcome or invisible in the company, but it can also affect their engagement and productivity levels. This is because onboarding is seen as training; a way to guide and equip your new employees with the essential knowledge needed to complete their work. However, without adequate training or guidance, employees are left to their own devices and may be unsure of their duties and responsibilities or feel less confident in their abilities. This leads them to not feel a sense of accomplishment or integration into the company, which can negatively affect their productivity levels and work performance.

According to the Harvard Business Review, almost 33% of all new employees look for work elsewhere when experiencing a poor onboarding process, which could lead to having a higher than desirable turnover. Researchers have found that 6 out of 10 employees had left a company when their onboarding experience was unsatisfactory, and 1 out of 10 companies even forgot about their new employees’ first day at the company. When new starters experience poor onboarding, they may assume that your company is poorly managed; in essence—you’re not creating a good first impression.

In contrast, an effective onboarding experience provides innumerable benefits to the new starter. It promotes job satisfaction, and studies show that employees who are satisfied with their working situation are less likely to leave their company. It also results in your employees feeling valued, understanding their role, and increases employee performance.

Onboarding your starters the right way will have them feel more connected to your company, which will motivate employees to go above and beyond in their work.

Providing a top-notch onboarding experience to your new starters is essential as the benefits are endless. These benefits include:

• Higher employee engagement

53% of HR professionals agree that an adequate onboarding programme is key to promote employee engagement. With a positive onboarding experience, your employees will feel more connected to your company, its values and vision.

• New employees acclimate easier

An onboarding programme is crucial as it allows new employees to get a head start and acclimate with the company. Every workplace has its own personality, goals and philosophies, and only once employees understand what is expected from them can they start to acclimate to the company.

• Increased productivity

When onboarding is done right, your new employee will feel at home faster in your company. They can then quickly and efficiently contribute to your company goals and productivity from the get-go.

• Better employee retention

Studies show that companies with an excellent onboarding process improve their employee retention by as much as 82%.

Efficiently onboarding new employees is essential to guarantee employee success. In an increasingly virtual world, the benefits of investing in a digital onboarding experience are abundant. So why not provide your new employees with an exceptional onboarding programme?

For more information on how Lesson Desk can assist you in structuring a top-notch onboarding programme to seamlessly integrate your new starters into your company, contact our specialists today at learn@lessondesk.com.