Accounting for Managers

  • 2 - 3 hours
  • Sentinel9

Course overview

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of financial and management accounting viewed from the perspective of the business manager. It focuses is on critical evaluation of accounting information contained in financial statements and application of key cost and management accounting techniques in daily business decisions. This course adopts a managerial and analytical approach to the financial aspects of business management. After studying these modules students will learn the methods used in financial reporting and interpretation and applying these principles to business practice. Students will gain a better understanding and interpretation ability of a company’s cash-flows and profit, different classes of assets, liquidity positions, operating efficiency. Management accounting modules will equip students with an understanding of key costs and managerial accounting techniques used in costs control, costs management and planning.


  • Critically evaluate and gain a high-level understanding of the accounting process and fundamental accounting principles underpinning the development and reporting of financial statements including: accounting and reporting in Commerce; accounting equation & cycles – double entry & matching periods; types of accounts – debit & credit rules; accrual accounting – book reconciliation; accounting conventions – GAAP & IFRS.
  • Accounting and Reporting in Commerce & Principles of Accounting

  • Financial Accounting #1

  • Financial Accounting #2

  • Management & Cost Accounting

  • Limitations of Accounting

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