Organisation Behaviour, Human Resource & Leadership

  • 2 - 3 hours
  • Sentinel9

Course overview

This Course has been designed to provide an understanding of the principles that underpin the leadership and management of people. Managing people involves working with individuals, teams and at the organisational level. It also involves leading individuals and groups in ways that help them perform at their best. To manage and lead effectively requires you to understand concepts that help you identify what works best in a given situation. They both also require the deployment of particular behaviour, skills and emotions that elicit the most positive responses from other people. In this subject we will look at the theory of managing and leading and we will also explore what it means for you as a leader and the ways you behave on a day-to-day basis.


  • Conduct research to understand theories and principles underpinning the behaviour of people in organisations to make informed decisions about how to behave in a given circumstance.
  • Investigate and evaluate key challenges faced by business when managing people and be able to identify and employ techniques for managing individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Understand the Industrial relations environment in which business operates and be able to evaluate and develop strategies that ensure compliance.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate your behaviour as a leader and develop the ability to adapt your behaviour to best suit the context in which you are operating.
  • Introduction to Organisational Behaviour, Human Resources and Leadership

  • Motivating Individuals

  • Performance Management

  • Leadership Approaches

  • Managing Change and Crisis

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