Managing the risks of abuse in the workplace

  • 1 - 2 hours
  • Magic Lantern

Course overview

Abuse is a serious problem that comes in many forms and can occur in a variety of environments, including the workplace. Any form of workplace abuse, including physical, sexual, financial and verbal abuse can have a detrimental emotional, physical or social effect on the victim’s personal life, professional life and the overall company culture. From identifying the signs of possible victims or perpetrators to covering how companies can implement various strategies to avoid potential cases, this SAQA-aligned course will teach learners everything they need to know in order to effectively deal with a situation where abuse may be prevalent.


  • Recognise indicators of abuse in the workplace.
  • Explain the potential impact of abuse on a business.
  • Explain how to deal with abuse in the workplace.
  • Propose a business strategy in order to combat a case of employee abuse.
  • Introduction to managing the risks of abuse in the workplace

  • The types of abuse in the workplace

  • How to deal with abuse in the workplace

  • The impact of abuse on a business

  • Using a business strategy to combat abuse in the workplace

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