From crisis to recovery

  • 1 - 2 hours
  • Stuart Morley

Course overview

The rise of COVID-19 has caught countless businesses off guard, leaving business owners looking for ways to survive. This course is designed to help business owners effectively manage their businesses through a crisis, and will provide you with the information and tools needed for your business to survive when crisis hits.


  • Learn how to effectively manage your business through a crisis.
  • Learn what to focus on in your business when a crisis hits.
  • Identify and apply the three tools to use in a crisis.
  • Identify and explain the emotional hats we wear in a crisis.
  • Identify the actions to take within your business to adapt in a crisis.
  • Identify and apply guidelines to maintain profitability in tough times.
  • Learn how to develop a new perspective to survive.
  • From crisis to recovery

  • What to focus on in a crisis

  • Three tools to use in a crisis

  • Emotional hats we wear

  • How to adapt in a crisis

  • The problem is not the problem

  • Case study: How to become more profitable

  • Develop a new perspective

  • Q&A


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