Vehicle safety and maintenance

  • 40 minutes
  • Magic Lantern

Course overview

This course is designed to help learners prevent road accidents and drive safely by providing them with the skills and tools necessary to perform vehicle checks and general maintenance. This includes an introduction to defensive driving followed by tips for driving safely and defensively, as well as a guide to performing interior and exterior vehicle checks using a vehicle inspection checklist, both before and after driving.


  • Define defensive driving and explain the characteristics thereof.
  • List and adhere to general safety precautions and road rules for driving safely and defensively
  • Apply defensive driving rules to everyday road use.
  • Understand the under-hood and exterior vehicle checks when using the vehicle inspection checklist.
  • Understand how to perform tyre checks.
  • Perform the interior, boot and vehicle checks to ensure safe driving.
  • Safe driving tips

  • Performing vehicle checks and maintenance

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