Sexual harassment in the workplace

  • 15 minutes
  • Magic Lantern

Lesson overview

Unwelcome or inappropriate sexual attention in the workplace should be openly discussed to avoid these behaviours and to inform employees about what to do if they have been sexually harassed. In this course, learners will learn what sexual harassment is, the different forms of sexual harassment, and its effects on employees and the organisation. Furthermore, the course will look at the employer’s responsibility towards managing sexual harassment in the workplace and the procedure to follow if an employee has been sexually harassed.


  • Define sexual harassment and distinguish between the different forms of sexual harassment.
  • Understand the difference between sexual attention and sexual harassment.
  • Describe the effects of sexual harassment on an individual and a business.
  • Understand the employer's responsibility towards managing sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Describe what to do if someone has been sexually harassed.

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