Hot work operations and safety

  • 40 minutes
  • Magic Lantern

Course overview

Workers using fire- or spark-producing equipment for burning, welding, cutting, brazing, and soldering are exposed to the dangers of hot work. This lesson will equip learners with the necessary safety procedures to follow before, during and after welding and grinding to ensure that they stay safe at all times.


  • Define grinding operations and understand why precautions need to be taken when grinding.
  • Apply and adhere to the safety precautions before, during and after performing hot work operations.
  • Identify the personal protective equipment to be used during hot work operations.
  • Apply and adhere to the correct safety precautions to prevent electric shock.
  • Apply and adhere to the safety precautions when working with dangerous fumes.
  • Welding and metal cutting safety

  • Grinding safety

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