Communication skills

  • 1 - 2 hours
  • Magic Lantern

Course overview

Communication is an essential part of our everyday lives and an important skill to master. Ineffective communication in the workplace can cause issues ranging from minor mishaps to catastrophic misunderstandings. This course is designed to equip employees and employers with the skills to communicate effectively and improve interpersonal skills; both in the workplace and personally. This course will delve into the importance and benefits of effective communication, how to prevent communication barriers, how active listening improves communication and how to adopt active listening.


  • Demonstrate the ability to define communication.
  • Understand the different communication channels.
  • Understand why good communication skills are important.
  • Distinguish between and discuss the three different types of communication.
  • Identify communication barriers.
  • Identify the signs of not listening effectively.
  • Distinguish between the different types of active listening and demonstrate an ability to prepare for active listening.
  • Identify verbal and nonverbal ways to convey active listening.
  • Introduction to communication skills

  • Listening skills

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