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A blended learning solution for educators and learners.

We are living in the digital age, which highlights the importance for educators to adopt a blended approach to learning. Educators can do so effortlessly by integrating Lesson Desk into the traditional learning approach.

Our solutions for educators and learners

We offer on-site and remote education solutions designed to assist educators and learners with day-to-day school activities, lessons, assessments, reports and more. We are not just another e-learning platform. We are your end-to-end education partner, ready to guide you every step of the way.

Phase 1

Content preparation and learner setup

Use your own content

As a training partner Lesson Desk is ready to help you identify training objectives, set up a training plan, help you create exciting content and import your employee data onto our platform.

Import learner details

Easily upload your learners to the system and allocate specific training to them.

Phase 2


Our learning and development specialists are ready to help you become familiar with the platform and will guide you through the process of distributing your content to your learners.

Manage your learning programme in the cloud

View and manage every aspect of your learning programme from our Head Office web portal. Upload and distribute content, enrol learners, track results and generate reports, all from one simple-to-use web interface.

Individual and remote education

Our individual training platform enables learners to access and complete learning material from any internet-enabled mobile, tablet or computer. Learners are able to complete lessons in their own time and at their own pace. Learners can pause their lessons and get back to it later, while educators monitor progress from the Head Office web portal.

Self-paced learning

We have developed simple-to-use web and mobile applications that allow learners to participate from anywhere, at any time. The Lesson Desk individual training application is available for download from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Benefits of Lesson Desk individual training

Group and on-site education

Create classes

Educate up to 50 learners at the same time. Our hardware enables you to convert any room into a Lesson Desk classroom, allowing you to educate and assess groups without requiring learners to have a computer, tablet or phone.

Educate groups of learners easily

Our group training platform enables you to train large groups of learners. Our solution overcomes issues often associated with online learning in group learning formats, such as poor internet connectivity, limited access to smart phones or tablets, and the human effort required to mark answers and determine results.

Offline content

Content can be made available offline so that learning can take place even if internet connectivity is poor or unavailable. This enables learning to take place without interruption.

Turn any room into a Lesson Desk classroom

By using our group training platform, educators are able to present digital content and complete assessments on site, when and where it is needed. Our hardware enables you to turn any room into a Lesson Desk smart classroom by connecting to a screen or projector.

Complete assessments with our unique Marker remote

When a class of learners is assessed, every learner can answer at the same time, using their assigned Marker remote. This eliminates the requirement for learners to submit answers on paper. Each learner is linked to a specific Marker, allowing them to be assessed individually while still maintaining a group setting.

Instant results

All assessments are marked instantly on our platform, making manual marking a thing of the past. Instantly pull reports to pinpoint which questions learners are getting incorrect and to quickly address the knowledge gap. Digital reporting saves educators the time spent on marking assessments as they are marked automatically by the system.

Benefits of Lesson Desk group training
  • No smart devices needed
  • Instant results through digital answer submission and marking
  • Uninterrupted learning with offline content features
Online classroom facilitation

Elevate the learning experience with a virtual classroom. Lesson Desk enables learners to interact with their teachers and classmates from the comfort of their own homes, as if they were in a physical classroom. The virtual classroom setting also enables learners to ask questions as they arise, assisting in immediately closing the knowledge gap.

Phase 3


Track learning progress

Our online reporting console enables real-time and scheduled statistics and reports, so that educators can track learners' progress and results and identify learners who need assistance.

Pull reports to view learner results, and instantly pinpoint areas for improvement.

Learners can also view their own progress and results, giving them the opportunity to improve where necessary.


Learner education, learner management and more

Our learner education and group training solutions unlock a host of benefits for educators and learners. Educators and learners have access to 24-hour support through our toll-free helpdesk.

  • Manage and administer learning through the HO web portal.
  • Upload custom content to present to learners.
  • Upload assignments and homework tasks to distribute to learners.
  • Assess learners by creating content-specific questions for each lesson.
  • Schedule exams with deadlines.
  • Pull detailed reports to view specific data per assessment, for example, who participated, when they participated, the answers they got correct and incorrect, and whether a specific learner has passed or failed.

Turn any room into a Lesson Desk classroom.

Get access to our full range of solutions to help educators seamlessly plan and present content, assess learners, and more.

Our easy-to-use system will help ensure that learners receive remote or on-site learning of consistent quality, anywhere and at any time.

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