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Product training, learner management and more.

Our product training and group training solutions, and our screening, onboarding and survey features, unlock a host of benefits for your business.

Create a learning culture

A learning culture is a corporate culture that views learning as something much more than merely instructing employees to work through predetermined training modules. At Lesson Desk we have found that establishing a learning culture is underpinned by having a quality training plan, by being able to identify and address training deficits in real time and by enabling learners to access training content anywhere, anytime, easily and conveniently.

  • Improve productivity

    A learning culture where product knowledge is the focus improves employee productivity.

  • Motivate employees

    Visible career paths and certification motivates employees to perform better and advance their own careers.

  • Encourage innovation

    Employees are more likely to take initiative and innovate in an environment where self-improvement is promoted.

  • Reduce staff turnover

    Employees who feel that they have the opportunity to grow and improve are less likely to resign.

Train on demand

In addition to role-based training, which employees can complete at their own pace, Lesson Desk enables administrators to schedule instant, on-demand training, where the employee is required to complete the training before a deadline. Lesson Desk also supports remote training, which means that training can take place almost anywhere and at any time.

Save time

We understand that the training of employees often leads to unproductive man-hours and that training generally is a time-sensitive endeavour. Lesson Desk helps retailers optimise training cycles so that unnecessary downtime and unproductivity is avoided.

  • Deploy training material on the fly

  • Eliminate travel times

  • Eliminate manual marking of assessments

  • Schedule group training classes based on employee availability

  • View instant results

Save money

Re-use content

Save money on production costs by reusing media components such as language tracks, image overlays, subtitles and assessments to create different combinations of training material, without the need to re-render.

Digital distribution

Save money by eliminating paper-based training materials like handbooks, manual assessment papers and storage mediums like USB drives or DVDs. Content lives in the cloud and can be distributed at the press of a button.

Eliminate travel

Employees can train remotely, from the office or from home, while administrators can manage their training programs from any web-enabled device. No more need to transport learners or training facilitators to other branches or training centres.

Improve training comprehension and retention

Employees often view training as tedious and find subject matter confusing, poorly presented or uninteresting. Employees who are demotivated and disinterested in the training process usually exhibit lower levels of comprehension and information retention than those who were focused, interested and invested in the training. Lesson Desk utilises several approaches to improve the employee's training experience, and ultimately improve the comprehension of what was learned and the ability to retain and apply this information.


Ensure that the employee remains focused by completing bite-sized material at a time.

Multi-language support

Lesson Desk supports the creation of training material in multiple languages.

Engaging content

Keep employees focused with digital content that is fun and engaging.


Test comprehension through formative assessments, and address shortfalls via remedial assessments.


Lesson Desk provides a consistent training and content experience across all platforms.

On-the-job evaluation

Measure training outcomes on-the-job using our practical summative assessments.

Train a broad demographic

Lesson Desk enables retailers to customise the training experience to suit employees from different backgrounds, levels of technical ability, comprehension, and learning styles.

Multi-language support

Studies prove that training is more effective when employees receive training in their native language, which is why Lesson Desk's ability to support multiple languages is a key feature which enhances the overall training experience.

Train from anywhere

Employees can train remotely via the internet or in the store, depending on availability and access to the internet. Employees can train individually, at their own pace, or in group format as part of scheduled classes.

Manage high staff turnover

The Lesson Desk management portal makes it easy to manually add, bulk-import, remove, and manage employee profiles on the system, helping training administrators stay on top of managing a changing workforce. Training data is stored securely in the cloud, so even if an employee resigns or is terminated, the data is saved for record purposes.






Many of our existing retail clients prepare hot foods in store, which requires them to comply with strict hygiene regulations and food preparation standards. Through our experience with these clients, we understand the challenges retailers face when implementing compliance-related training and we designed Lesson Desk with this in mind. Through our assessment tools, retailers can track the comprehension of employees throughout the year and identify if deficits appear that need to be addressed with targeted, supplementary training.